Newton St Cyres golf course - Groucho and Twin Peaks - 25th July 2017

Hares required for 3rd, 17th and 24th September

Memories of today’s trail consist of rape, bicycles and gossip (by Bollards).
There was a huge contrast in the weather from last week with hashers wondering whether or not to wear their jackets on trail as it was drizzling when we arrived at Newton St Cyres Golf Club. Groucho, assisted by Twin Peaks, had laid a 3 and on trail and we were warned at the outset to mind the triffids. Apparently, Groucho had nearly lost Twin Peaks during the laying, although he could still hear her.
After a long/short split and a hash halt which didn’t look anything like a hash halt, the pack came together and wound their way into a rape field. We could have done with scythes to hack our way along the public footpath and progress was slow. Paperwork was getting very agitated that he couldn’t get a move on, while the rest of the pack gossiped. Various hashers claimed to have hay-fever, many were stung by the nettles, but we bravely soldiered on and eventually found ourselves heading down some steps, over a brook and back into another field, without such a dense crop.
The sweetie stop was mid-way along this field, where we all admired Paperwork and Wide’s rashes. The trail continued up the field and onto a lane where there was another long/short split, coming back together before passing the Beer Engine. Several fish hooks later, we arrived at a junction where we turned left and started to run back towards the golf club. There were many cyclists on a charity ride who came past, and fortunately not too much traffic. Soon we were on home where we had a picnic and a circle on the field.
The Sherrif took this opportunity to fine us not only for this week, but for last, when it was too hot for fines. Please don't forget to Rate the Hash

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2nd July: Castle Car Park, Woodbury Common (Estuary View / West side) - Woodpecker (map). Then back to Exton for food.
9th July: Route 5 restaurant car park, Haldon Hill - Hole in One (map).


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