Badgers Holt, Dartmeet - Hole-in-1 and Bluetoe - 20th August 2017

[Words and photo by Speedy] We started off as we found out that there would be not 1 but 2 trails runners and walkers (or as Woodpeckers calls it w! £ $? 5s). Worryingly the hairs for the long had not finished laying the long so we were slightly concerned. We ran along a road and came to a fast-flowing river and the only way to get across was some stepping stones, at this point rocky got scared so he took a diversion However, I carried on. We then climbed up the steep hills of Dartmoor through the shiggy waters and finally through another river and had to go over more stepping stones. We then got out and struggled through some old cows.

We then carried along the main road and lost the trail and had to find the way back using maps. We then found that we had lost half of the pack.

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27th August: Kingsteignton (picnic hash!) - Wide Receiver (55 Fore St, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3AX, UK map). Bring a picnic!
3rd September: Milbury Farm Meadow, Exminster (picnic/BBQ hash if fine) - Stix and Family (EX6 8FG map)



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