Hele - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 13th August 2017

Hares URGENTLY required for 3rd and 24th September

(words by Speedy) Today's hash was in Hele just off the M5. As soon as we pulled up in our car we had found that Tampa had beaten us there and it was more than 20 minutes early. We had a serious disappointment when we found out the pub was not open; Before the hash had even started we had 2 surprises.

In the circle, we were told that it would be 4 to 5-mile trail and with thousands of long short splits. We started by going on a long split where we went over the train line and then back because of HA HA (so funny). Next by going under the M5 bridge where wide receiver decided to childishly shout, this echoed around the tunnel. We then went down to the local woods where we went down what felt like endless uphill paths and long short splits and checks we got to the sweet stop and had already gone 3.5miles (about 5km). When we were at the sweet stop we were greeted by Mo Farrah and Usain Bolt as well as lots of delicious cookies; 5 for the sweets from me. We ran back to the car park in a very straight-line. When we got back Stix's beer exploded and the very mischievous Miss Chief was named.
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20th August: Badgers Holt, Dartsmeet - Hole in One (map)
27th August: Kingsteignton (picnic hash!) - Wide Receiver (55 Fore St, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3AX, UK map). Bring a picnic!

The naming of Miss Chief  - there really was beer in that cup!


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