Exminster - Bollards - 3rd September 2017

I need volunteers for 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd October please!

Perhaps the smallest pack of 2017 for this week's hash, which was somewhat expected because Stix had been trying to find a hares for this particular date since the beginning of July. The weather didn't help as the forecast had been predicting heavy rain all week for what was originally planned as a picnic! Bollards was the hare, and she had planned a simple and short trail around the village of Exminster.

The pack gathered in the back garden, within which Stix had erected the gazebo to provide some shelter from the rain. Twin Peaks was first to arrive, followed by Sorepoint and Paperwork, who had found their way to the village this time - and hadn't been directed to a 'destination' on the M5 bridge across the estuary! The only other arrivals were the Naughty Hashing Fairies (see their number plate): BB, CC, Stingray and Splat.

The trail was only supposed to be 3 miles, but turned into over 4, once all the fishhooks and falsies were included. First of all, a loop around the houses, then the meadow, and it looked like we were heading for the marshes across the railway line. But no... it was back up to the church. The trail eventually took us for a loop around the park (Deepway) where we had a sweetie stop, and Paperwork tackled Speedy to the ground (not sure why!). After that, there seemed to be a lot of splashing going on, with Splat and Bullbait playing the leading roles. More loops around the housing estates, before heading up Devington Drive and on home.

After the tail, lots of tea and coffee was drunk to warm back up, and a few biscuits eaten. Not a picnic or a BBQ, but plenty of chin-wagging going in.

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10th September: Stoke Cannon Inn - Groucho (EX5 4AR map)
17th September: Clannaborough Cross, between South Zeal and Throwleigh - Woody (EX20 2QD map)


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