Stoke Cannon - Twin Peaks - 10th September 2017

Twin Peaks unexpectedly found herself laying today’s trail and did a great job.  Fortunately, she knew the area well enough to put something together at the last minute and even managed to make it a 2 and on with several long/short splits.
We gathered in the village car park next to the pub and welcomed the return of Spocky, X-Bitz and family who hadn’t been seen over the summer.  Puss, Boots and Miss-Chief were there for their last time as a family of three.  Puss’s waters broke during the night and she was having contractions, so they decided to come hashing to pass the time – like you do!?  Not something I would have done, but the intention was to walk to the first check and then go back home; a route that would take them via the hospital – just in case. 
The trail began with a long/short split and we were treated to the stream train passing close by before we all regrouped near the level crossing.  We wished Puss, Boots and Miss-Chief all the best as they headed back home at this point while the rest of us went along a path with many fish-hooks, before reaching another Hash Halt on the edge of a wood where a number of us took the opportunity to water the vegetation. 
Next there were fields, another long/short split and eventually a sweetie stop.  The final long went along some lanes before re-joining the shorts for the finale, that everyone got wrong apart from those with the hare.  Luckily, no-one got lost and we all returned safely to the car park where Blobby and X-Bits offered home grown apples and potatoes, while the rest of us were fined for the usual crimes.

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17th September: Clannaborough Cross, between South Zeal and Throwleigh - Woody (EX20 2QD map)
24th September: Dalditch Farm - Woodpecker (50.643371, -3.348976, map)

Possibly the last photo of Puss, Boots and Mischief as a family of three??!
Wide showing off his pregnant tummy


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