This blog, the AGM and hash at The Bitz's, Exmouth

I'm no longer going to be writing words to this blog - time to have a rest on a Sunday afternoon!  Sorry.

Ideally someone would step up us On Sec or Scribe - so please volunteer!  Else, if anyone wants to send me their words, I'm very happy to upload it. I can even give you an email address so that you can post directly yourself.

If no-one can help, then I'll continue to freshen it up every month or so with the diary and a few photos, and I'll continue to post the hash venues to the facebook group.

So the AGM saw Groucho reelected as GM, Spocky continue as hash cash, Miss Peaks as Sheriff (albeit she said it was her final year, then  'someone else can have a turn'), and me as Hare Raiser.  Blobby will continue to look after 'Rate the Hash' and the Bullbait family are taking over the Hash Beers.

As for the trail, Spocky says it was the 'Best Trail of 2017' (and he needs a new t-shirt).  Thanks to him and X-bitz for cooking some pizza and chips!

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