Wonford Sports Centre - Happy Snapper - 5th November 2017

Today’s trail started from a deserted Wonford Sports Centre car park.  A depleted pack (probably suffering the after effects of the Autumn Gathering) assembled, on time for once, for Happy Snapper’s virgin lay.
There were very specific instructions given about the placing of the marks.  We needed to follow the marks on the right-hand side, although we may also find some on the left, in which case they weren’t relevant until we were going in the other direction.  It was a three and on trail.
Firstly, we headed out into Ludwell Valley Park, up and down and around fields.  It was slippery in places and I saw Blobby fall over, although I forgot to tell the sheriff and he got away without a fine!  The second half of the trail took us across Topsham Road, towards the crematorium before taking a detour into the trees for a sweetie stop.
Next, we headed towards and over the river (thankfully by the bridge, although I have known hashes go through it in the past).  There was some confusion at a check due to the left/right markings, but the real trail went onto a very busy sports pitch where just about every type of team sport, from Lacrosse to American Football, was underway.  After a few fish-hooks on the way around, the trail went somewhere that I didn’t.  I’m not sure why but Stingray, Splat, Twin Peaks, Speedy, Childcatcher and I found ourselves following marks on the right hand side, that had been on the left earlier and then going round in a big circle.  We knew where we were, so there wasn’t a problem, but we were sure that the remainder of the pack was behind us, so we held an impromptu regroup.  After a while, we decided that they weren’t coming our way and we made our way back up towards the crematorium where we saw the pack in front of us and crossing back over Topsham Road.  We caught up with them just before the on-home markings.

In the closing circle, Mad Max shared his Birthday cake (left over from the Isca Hash apparently) and Spocky tried to get rid of his collapsible drinks glasses from the Autumn Gathering.

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19th November: Maristow Avenue, Exmouth - The Btiz's (AGM) (EX8 3LA; map)


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