George V playing fields, Exeter - Stix - 12th Aug 2018

Just 11 of us on this week's trail - not very surprising really given the holiday season and the overnight rain.  But we certainly represented the quality of the hash, if not quantity! We welcomed Skylark from London, who had been invited by Sorepoint to the A2B hash yesterday, and joined us today while he was in the county. 

It was my lay, and I'd been out since 9.30 in the rain, but was flummoxed laying the final bit because Mill Road - the lane the follows the river - was closed. So arrived in the car park, looking like a drowned rat, a few minutes after 11.  

I took the trail towards Bridge Road, knowing that since its one-way, no-one would spot the marks on their way in. But I had to be carefully to kick out any marks from Isca's hash the previous Wednesday. The trail went up the dual carriage way then onto the playing fields, while I cut the walkers short.   Back together, we made our way up onto Topsham Road, then into Ludwell Valley park.  We nearly lost Belltoll through some crafty trail laying, but worked our way up to the sweetie stop not far from Pynes Hill, where Harry-the-dog provided the entertainment as we took turns to kick his ball as far as we could down the very steep slope, laughing at how he couldn't stop himself.  

Whereas the first part of the trail was designed so that I could offer shortcuts, the second part was more of a direct route home.  So I put in three long-shorts to keep the FRBs at the back.  The route was undulating and slippy, to say the least.  But once back onto Topsham Road, there was another long-short back up the other side of the brook, while the shorts went up the the crem and on-home. 

Fines went to Speedy for not calling, and to Tampa for allowing Harry to steal the football from the game taking place on the playing fields at the start.

Next week's trail is from Salcombe Hill Car Park, opposite Observatory (map, SY139881).
Hares are still needed for 23rd and 30th September.
Finally, don't get to Rate the Hash!


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