Salcombe Hill - Strapo and Swampy - 19th August 2018

Apparently Strapo doesn't plan trails!  That might explain a few things...!  The locals certainly hadn't planned for City of Exeter H3 to turn up in force; the small car park was a hectic mix of hashers and doggers when we arrived.   Hole-in-1 even put on her teacher's voice and asked a newly arrived car to budge up a bit to make parking more efficient.    In fact we thought that without the Bitzs and Child Baits, numbers were going to be low.  Strapo was worrying that he'd not bought enough sweets - but as we were to find out later, he had actually scoffed one of the packs himself while laying.  It was also good to see the hare t-shirts back, and Paperwork also decided to wear orange!

Setting off more than 10 minutes late, we still passed Dobby arriving late.  The trail went down the road, which seemed like far-too-far - given we were going to be coming back up sometime soon.  Then we took the path behind the observatory, through some woods and the long went into a large field.  The FRBs headed anticlockwise round the field, while I found the trail clockwise - they got their fines later.  Then across the lane, into some woods, and we seemed to run practically all the way back to the start.  But not quite, and he headed across the cliffs to the sweetie stop on the coastal path.

It was great the admire the view without being knackered, like we were last time we had a sweetie stop here!   The trail then headed down towards Weston and the beaches, up towards Salcome Regis (with some very friendly walkers telling us where the dots were), and back up a very steep hill to a cross-roads of paths which we had passed earlier. The pack had got quite spread out by this stage, and the rest, while we waited for everyone to arrive, was appreciated.  Tampa, having taken a short cut, had found a credit card and was accosting every walker to see if they had seen the 'foreigner' that was named on it!  Then it was a very short jog up to the car park.

Speedy took on the Sheriff's role, fining all those that missed the trail on the long, me mistaking Max's sandal/flip-flop for mine, and Strapo for nerd naming.

Next week its a Birthday Hash for Wide and Spocky, from Kingsteington, Fore St./Tarrs La. (map, SX872730)

And don't forget to RATE THE HASH!


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