Pynes Hill - Hole-in-1 - 30th September 2018

When we arrived Hole-in-one was looking a little dejected and alone on the pavement, but she soon cheered up once she saw us(!)  This was the first hash that she'd laid from (near) her new home.  Tampa and Brains appeared rather smartly washed and dressed - they come to drop in a menu for the Xmas meal - on their way to their 40th wedding anniversary celebrations.

It was quite a small pack this week, and quite an overcast morning.  Hole-in-1 told us that she was feeling particularly proud of herself having being able to walk through a field of cows!

We got to see the highs and lows of the Valley Park, on a hilly trail, with the hash taking us all the way down to Topsham Road, with a regroup at the bottom, and sweeties a little way back up. I was apparently 'lost on trail' just because I found myself quite a way ahead.  That shows what can happen when the real athletes aren't around!!

There was lots of childish laughing from Child Catcher and Twin Peaks at the sweetie stop - I've didn't quite work out why.  But the sweeties were numerous and a great variety.  From there, we headed steeply down, across the road, and steeply back up again.  Then down, and up again to a bench, which Mildly Moist decided to enjoy (and was duly fined later).  A treat to finish things off was a fish hook 'for all' before we reached the cars once more.

Next week the hash is from Squabmoor Reservoir, Woodbury Common (SY037844) (map)

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