Squabmoor Reservoir - Woodpecker and Howlin' Wilf - 7th October 2018

A gloriously sunny morning for the hash, with some extra excitement in the form of car park shenanigans.  First Twin Peaks led me to the wrong car park, and then confused me by holding the map upside down.  Thats how I remember it anyway. Then, there was a great amount of giggling as a small car (non hasher) appeared to want to ground itself on a tree root.  With a bit of car park juggling, he managed to escape.

Woodpecker read out his pre-prepared speech, telling us that we would find the sweets at the sweetie stop, to follow the front runners, and that fish hooks had been used 'intelligently'.

He always does his best to find something soft underfoot, and today's trail was no exception.  We took a route down to the lakes via an 'interesting' and not-often-used path, which involved slippery slopes and multiple instances of jumping over wet and smelly bogs.  Tampa was one of the fallers!

There were a few long-shorts which kept the pack together well, and we headed up towards the quarries.  Then a sweetie stop with a sea view and a mountain of sweets!  The trail from there took us back via Frying Pans Car Park (I think) on home.  Shame that Bull Bait, Stingray, Minxy and Woof Woof completely missed the car park at the end!

In the circle, I was fined for leading Twin Peaks to the wrong car park, to Splat and Bullbait for Splat's new shoes, and  Mt Chunks (baby Puss/Boots) was named Wrecking Ball.

Next week the hash is from Cockwood (SX976806) (map), with the On Down at The Anchor Inn.
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