Alphington - Blobby and Twin Peaks - 10th February 2019

  • Groucho may his return to the hash as Life-President!
  • Woodpecker did his own trail after arriving late (10 past 11, allegedly...) - FINED!
  • We admired some Ferraris 
  • Stix nerd named when he disturbed all the wildlife in the nature reserve when shouting at 'Billy' to stop disturbing the wildlife in the nature reserve - FINED!
  • Midly Moist couldn't follow the trail, and ignores fish hooks - FINED!
  • Only Wide and Stix bought beers at the Sweetie Stop (outside the Double Locks), and were told by the bar staff that they could have glass glasses, because they 'looked responsible' - whole pack FINED for not buying beers
  • Half the pack decided to run along a pontoon by the Double Locks, not realizing that it ended - only Wide Receiver decided to make a 3 meter leap of faith - not very responsible! - FINED!
  • Drop Off nearly got hit by a train - he tried to cross after the local train went passed, only to be shocked by a Cross-Country train coming the other way - FINED!
  • Bollards, Twin Peaks and Child-catcher raced to the 'finish line' - FINED!
  • We enjoyed pizza and chips back at Blobhoblin Manor - and Groucho handed out the awards from Xmas (including his own, for not hashing!)
And, it the first hash-circle vote for Trail of the Month - the winner was Woodpecker (and Howlin' Wilf) for the hash from Uphams Plantation. That trail will be the first of the nominations for Trail of the Year - to be decided at the Christmas Hash in December.  Commiserations go to the other hares - shame Spocky wasn't there to rig the voting!

If you have any quotes, stories or photos about the trail - comment on them below, and you might win a prize at the Xmas Hash!

Next week's trail is from Four Firs on Woodbury Common (map) - hared by Strapo and Swampy.


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