Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Strapo and Swampy - 17th February 2019

  • Child Catchers 40th birthday and celebrations that involved throwing children (toy trolls) at her which she had to catch. The 'purple helmet' and glasses were for H&S.
  • Mad Max brought a mad dog!
  • No Butt made a return, and did Clever Dick
  • Bollards made gluten free, vegan cup cakes
Words by Speedy...

This Sunday we hashed from Woodbury common, haired by Strapo and Swampy, we started with a
surprise birthday as Childcatcher had turned 60 over the weekend, as revenge Bull bait decided we
should commemorate this by throwing child dolls at her, and to make it worse, each one that she did
not catch she would have to do a star jump, – unfortunately she only caught 3 so she had to do 17
star jumps. We did this because she is called Childcatcher – for those of you who didn’t get that joke I
suggest you go to -

Furthermore, before we started Mad Max informed us not to get within 2 meters of his new
dog, Lethal Weapon III, who apparently is a rescue dog, and is not used to being around hashers.

We started the trail and Bullbait went the wrong way despite the excessive amounts of dots,
fortunately he was able to have a wee in the woods, so all turned out alright for him. At the sweet stopwe were treated (particularly Tampa) to some cakes prepared especially for Childcatchers birthday and cooked by Bollards.

At the end, our good-looking, amazing executive sheriff Speedy and assistant sheriff Splat sorted the
fines out.

Finally, we sang happy 60 th birthday to Childcatcher before we forced her to down a pint of gin, which she tipped over her head.

Also, a group of hashers are considering going to the England Women vs Italy Women at Sandy Park,
kick off is on March 9th at 12:05, if you’re interested please contact Stix, for more information
please visit -

Next week we're in Topsham, at Holman Way car park, hared by Hole-in-1


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