Topsham - Hole-in-1 and Bluto - 24th February 2019

  • A gloriously sunny and warm morning
  • The hares wouldn't wear the hare t-shirts becuase they "don't like them"
  • Mad Max continues to "Break-In Ben" - always steer clear and don't approach from behind! But Lethal Weapon II not very well.
  • The long are not marked...  Nearly ended up in Ebford!
  • The FRBs cut short and missed the loop round the church
  • We lowered the tone in the Lookout hide at Bowling Green Marshes, by spotting the LGBT seagull.
  • Whoops - most of the pack missed the sweetie stop
  • A viewing hole the right height for Twin Peaks
  • Fines to Speedy for not doing the fish hooks (although he argued he did), for Spocky for nerd naming, and to Twin Peaks for avoiding fish hooks.
**Now that Rate-the-hash is discontinued, you might be missing the opportunity to offer your own witty comments.  Please comment on this post if you gave photos or words to contribute. We'll be voting on February's best hash next week in the circle***

Words from Speedy, and some photos below

This Sunday we hashed from Topsham, haired by Hole In One and Blue toe, as per normal we started with the circle, where we were re welcomed by Mad Max's new friendly dog, we started the trail by going on a swift run around Topsham eventually finding some fishhooks where, Speedy was the only one who went back to the Hare, Hole In One. We then had a run along the riverside wall until we got to the nature reserves where Bullbait saw some LBGT birds, we then ran accidentally ran past the sweet stop, Tampa was very angry. The athletic hashers got to the long short split, however, unfortunately the longs couldn’t find any marks, so they had to come back. It was not long until we found our way back to the car park.
In the circle Speedy and Twinpeaks fined each other for avoiding fishhooks and Spocky was fined for nerd naming.
Next week we are at Exeter University (Hatherley Labs) laid by Speedy and family. We will also be voting for the hash of the month for February, so who will be joining Woodpecker as finalists for hash of the year!
Also a group of hashers are considering going to the England Women vs Italy Women at Sandy Park, kick off is on march the 9th at 12:05, if you’re interested please contact Stix, for more information please visit -


  1. Have sent some more photos to Stix
    Hole-in-one 😊


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