Haldon Hill - Wide Receiver - 17th March 2019

Some thoughts from Speedy, and some photos below
  • An unsettled morning, mostly sunny, with snow as we all arrived.
  • Woodpecker was late
  • Spocky had to save Twin Peaks from getting wet, after she fell into his gorge. She quite enjoyed getting "saved" (photo below)
  • Rocky mislead everyone
  • Rocky fell over
  • We ate some American sweets
  • Tampa did a fish hook
  • We saw some frog spawn
  • Spocky, Speed and Stix jumped into a big puddle as the hash flash was being taken, soaking Total Eclipse, Howlin' Wilf and Rocky. Mad Max also got an earful of mud (see photo below)
  • Then Bullbait soaked Childcatcher (brave man!)
  • Stix brought in some of his special love drink, which everyone enjoyed
  • Not as good as our hash 
Next week we're at Lords Meadow Leisure Centre, Crediton (map) for a trail laid by Woody and Don't Panic!


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