Crediton - Woody - 24 March 2019

It was a lovely sunny spring-like day. We decided to take the scenic back roads from the 'Ninch' to Crediton a lovely rural route: 'Ooh is that cow's head stuck?' comment of the trip. 

We set off on a loop initially past the rugby pitches, through Shobrooke Park then out past many fields of oil seed rape . We saw some normal ramblers who looked as unclear as to where to go as we did and Bull bait played on a rope swing when he wasn't going the wrong way at practically every check. A really enjoyable trail, thanks Woody for' laying a lovely long one'. Twin Peaks kept her bum dry this week and Benji the dog has made a lot of progress, but demonstrated he's not quite ready to be let off the lead. It was good to see Puss and Boots and babes and fines should have gone to whoever left Tampa to 'look after' the sweets for the walkers... 

We forgot to do a hash flash but this is the 6.5 miles done by the longs.
Next week's trail is Splat's Birthday hash from Danes Woods hared by CC and Twin Peaks. 

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