Stoke Woods - Bully Bait - 26th May 2019

Words by Rocky this week.

We thought we saw a sun shining but it was only Wide Receiver's new summer trim, as the sun shone on it, we were all blinded. We started today with Bullbait joking that he had got lost on his own trail - it was laid by just himself so we could see why. Bullbait also said the trail was laid on the right, two and on, and was seven on a fishhook. At the circle, Spocky made a big announcement, that the Autumn Gathering registration was now open - at the same place and at the same price as last year. But not the same weekend!

We started by running down a long steep path so obviously we had to go back up it where we neared our first long short split. The longs had to go up and the shorts went straight across the path, as we were on our way down on the other side we came across a steep downwards path where we would re join the shorts. When you got to the end of it there was a bee’s nest and you had two options to go over or around it the longs went around it apart from Stix as he had other ideas, he nearly took no notice and ran and jumped over. Well done!

The next thing that happened was Stingray saying out of the blue ‘did you know elephants can get herpes‘ - quote of the year nominee, I think. This chat went on for a long time, and we were trying to work out WHY Stingray knew this fact... by the time we had finished teasing him about it, we found ourselves faced with a ha-ha on the longs.

All the fines seemed to got to Bullbait and family, including to CC for falling over on her bum, Splat for sitting down and for Stingray avoiding fish-hooks. Sting Ray also volunteered himself for a down-down for pointing out that he had new shoes!

We also voted for the May trail-of-the-month, which was a tie between today's trail and Wide+Tight's at Kingsteignton. The tie breaker was a down down, in which Wide let Bull Bait get a lead, and then downed it in one gulp.

Next week we're at Puss & Boot's House, Duvale Kiln Cottage, Bampton (EX16 9NL) (SS951215) - its a B'day BBQ - BYOB!


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