Bampton - Boots in Puss - 2nd June 2019

A fantastic hash up the boot's!
We (the Bitz's) set off up North on Saturday to make sure we got there on time. This hash and BBQ was of course to celebrate little 'MissChief's 3rd birthday. A good turn out considering how far up North we were and even the sheriff arrived 50 minutes early! Circle was called and Boots gave his distructions! 2 and on, flat, 2 long short splits and a sweetie stop. 5.5 miles for the longs and 4 miles for the shorts. A shower here and there and lovely scenery to boot! Through Bampton and on home to the best cooked BBQ I have ever had! Chicken was great, sausages were amazing and the burgers were cooked to perfection!! After birthday cake and much mingling and couple of us enjoyed a little drive around in Booties little toy!
Onon till next week The Spockster


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