Upton Pyne Village Hall - Twin Peaks - 5 May 2019

Words by Rocky this week:

The weather was nice; perfect running conditions.
Spocky turned up through the wrong entrance to the car park and, in addition to that, started doing donuts in his car.
There were new Hashers: Earl grey; who started hashing in China and his partner who is yet to be named. 
Twin peaks wanted 10 back on a fishhook and that was quite a lot considering there were only 12 runners on the longs.

Not far from the start, we came to a field of long grass where there was along short split. The longs went through a small tyre track. I thought I was going to fall in there and disappear. Further down the track we came to a ha-ha which was not funny. No-one seemed to want to go back as it was a long way so they took a short cut and went round a corner to meet the short.

Moments later we came to a herd of cows which were mooing loudly. Speedy said ‘Hello girls’ and Stix and I made some cow puns.

Just before the sweet stop we came across a sandy hill. Earl Grey ran up to the top followed by everyone else to find it was down the hill and that they needed to stay on the path.

At the sweet stop, Woodpecker and Tampa turned up (late) after all the sweets had been eaten. (No happy faces there).

A number of Hashers tried to get into a phone box.

In the closing circle, there were the usual fines for nerd naming and we voted on Hash of the Month for April.....The winner was Wide Receiver for the Easter trail at Haldon Belvedere.

Next weeks Hash: 

Blindwell Farmhouse, Kingsteignton, TQ12 3AX (map) Tea and Cake available afterwards!

Don't forget: Tampa wants contributions of salad for his BBQ in a couple of weeks' time.


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