Mutters Moor - Woodpecker and Mad Max - 28 April 2019

Words by Rocky this week!

The weather was a shock as the wind was bitter cold compared to last week. Woodpecker started off saying that he had put marks in that he doesn’t believe in; fish hooks, ha ha’s and long short splits. 

Stix apologised for forgetting to bring the salad for Tampa's BBQ in three weeks time.

The first few checks came around, and one sent us straight down a hill only to find another one at the bottom sending the trail all the way back up the hill where we'd come from.

Not too long afterwards there was a long short split where the longs were sent straight down a steep hill to find a ha ha at the bottom. Bollards and Rocky arrived first, trying to fool others by hiding, but no one found it funny or impressive and it provoked no reaction.

We ran along the golf course, with Twin Peaks shouting ON FOR!

After hills and checks and lots more, we came to the sweetie stop where there was an extraordinary view over Newton Poppleford. 

Quote of the week - Child Catcher likes them hard and firm... talking about sweets (fudge and eclairs).

After that we were stopped by Son of the Bitz's tooth falling out.

Harry the dog got injured (we need to give that dog a name - what about Ducking Fog, or Son of the Shitz  - since he shares his nerd name with Son of the Bitz?)

Fines: Stingray, twin peaks and X-bitz avoiding fishhook 
Wobbly-bitz, Odd-bitz, Tampa and Imelda for being late.
Spocky for nerd naming

Next week we're at Upton Pyne Village Hall, EX5 5JA (map) for a trail laid by Twin Peaks



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