Teignmouth - Wide Receiver - 16th June 2019

East Cliff car park is always busy on a Sunday morning.  And it was the same today - might have been the church-goers or might have been the life-saving club.  The added confusion of a no-cash "pay & display" machine was creating long queues. 

We were there by 10.20, but 20 mins later there wasn't a spot remaining.  Bullbait and I were quietly enjoying a glass of his home-brew before we noticed it was 10 past 11, and feared the the pack had left without us!  Thankfully this wasn't the case - and others were busy racing to to 'occupy' the car spaces for hashers who were still searching.  We welcomed the family of new-comers in the circle,  but we were  still not all-there... Tampa and Belltoll had left it just too late, and were still searching for spaces when the pack left the car park at about 11.15.  Soon after that, Woodpecker arrived after touring the car parks of Teignmouth with a faulty sat-nav!  All of them caught up eventually!

The trail took us past the front of the station (plenty of spaces there), along the railway line, and around the houses, with a nice little long-loop around the church.  We headed down into the town centre, before skirting along the edge of  Back Beach and past the lighthouse.  Then along the main sea front, dodging the "normal people" with the regroup at the viewpoint above the Yacht Club.  By now the rain was starting to come down, and it wasn't the most sheltered location for a regroup.  Most of us were crouching on the floor, but every so often peering over the edge to shout On On to the rest of the approaching pack. 

Happy Snapper did the honors with the photo, before we headed up Eastcliff Walk along the edge of the Park.  All the way up to the top, then left towards the main road, before heading back down through the park for the On Home. On the way, BullBait did a brilliant impression of a Peeing Boy water feature down by the stream.

Down downs went to the late comers, and to Mad Max and Humpty for sitting down in the circle.  Bull Bait repeated his peeing-boy pose.

Next week we're at Pynes Hill in Exeter (junction with Ludwell Lane, opposite NHS digital) EX2 5SE (map).


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