Mamhead - Woody - 9th June 2019

Lots of conversations about dogging as we gathered at the Obelisk.  We were all watching cars going round and round the car park - they seemed to be looking for something: the kids said they were looking for somewhere to park, but I knew what they were really on the look-out for...

The a big shriek of laughter from Xbitz and others when they spotted that families had come accidentally in matching colours: BB and CC (red); Spocky and X-bitz (cyan); Stix and Bollards (purple); Wide and Tight (blue)- see photo below. Clearly Woodpecker stands out on his own!

Spocky opened the circle, and we heard how Woody had been laying this trail for the past 5 days.

The trail set off past the coffee van and through the undergrowth.  Out into the open with some fantastic views across the rolling hills - with a fish hook so that some of us could enjoy it twice.  Then down through the trees again, with the first of two big drops at the bottom on to the main path.  A bit of checking at the gate of a field of wheat, before a loop taking us back almost to where we had just come.

Some more fantastic scenery and lush vegetative paths, following fox paths and main tracks. Another big drop and a ditch to negotiate.  I got the offer to manhandle Twin Peaks, with her landing face down in the undergrowth. 

We soon we reached the regroup, with sweets galore - including sweet and salty licorice.  Bollards and I had to sort Speedy's new shoes out, because he hadn't tightened them up properly. Hopefully that's the last time that I'll have to tie his laces!

After the regroup, we quite quickly found our way back to the road, and followed it back towards the on-home. But there was a final long to be enjoyed.

Fines were awarded to the late comers - including Mad Max. And Speedy drunk from his shoe (once he could get it off).  Woody collected some egg boxes and we drank expensive (for the hash) Sol lager because it was on special offer!

Next week we're in Teignmouth - East Cliff car park (TQ14 8TE, map) for a trail laid by Wide.  Bring money for parking.

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