Cheriton Bishop - Woody - 14th July 2019

Words this written by Speedy and Rocky.

This week we hashed from Cherrington Bishop on the bridge over the A30 laid by woody.
  • The hare planned very hot weather
  • Run number 943
  • Stingray cleverly decided that there where 2 ways that it could be to get off the bridge.
  • We accidentally ran through the primary school
  • We completed a loop before crossing over the bridge where we started
  • Stingray took his top off
  • Rocky and stingray cooled off in someone’s sprinkler
  • We ran through another field before reaching the sweet stop
  • Woof Woof said that she wanted 4 children, because if there is 3 then there is always an odd one out, Spocky suggested that to achieve 4 children she should go to Woodpeckers pool, like X-bits did.
  • Spocky kicked a dog (accidentally)
  • The longs ran up a hill before finding a very funny joke (HAHA)
  • In the circle fines were awarded to
    • Spocky the usual
    • Various for sitting down
    • English Muffin and Baby Bare's brand new baby was named Pit Stop becuause tey had to take a pit stop to change a nappy.
  • Child Catcher started a water fight with Spocky, and the kids joined in.
Next week we're at Stoke Canon Jubilee Hall, EX5 4AP (map).
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