Bradninch - Child Catcher and Twin Peaks - 28th July 2019

This week was run number 945

  • It was Stingrays 14th Birthday!
  • Woodpecker, Woody, kanga and Don’t Panic where all late
  • Speedy tried out his new Donald Trump handshake
  • Fishhooks where 7, we had to use 2 fingers to count
  • We took a steep up hill turn before reaching the regroup
  • There was a long short where the longs where treated to a further increase in gradient
  • Paperwork convinced Rocky that there was an electric fence, he touched to find that it wasn’t electric
  • We reached the peak and sped down hill at top speed until we reached the sweat (sweety?) stop
  • We hand a conversation about animals biting and how human bites are most likely to be infectious, Stix said “that can’t be true because bollards bite me all of the time” (entry for quote of the year!)
  • We came to the final regroup where we were challenged to come up with as many poultry related names as possible due to the names of the houses (Cockwell Meadow, Paxo House...)
  • We came back into the town of Broadclyst (I think you'll find its Bradninch)
  • Cup Cake and English Muffin declared it was a year ago to the minute that they got married!
  • Twin peaks dished out her fines, which included Rocky (and Speedy I think) for constantly asking how many it was on the fishhooks. And also the Latecomers.

Thanks to Bullbait and Childcatcher for welcoming us to their house and offering beer and food!

Next week we're near (but not in) Exminster. If the weather is fine, please bring a picnic and we're go back to Stix and Bollards' for lunch and beer (home brew!) in the sun. I'll communicate plans via the blog/email/facebook. The hash starts from the Days Pottles Lane bridge over the A38. Map is here  and below - Grid Ref SX927876. This is best accessed via the A379. The map below shows the route: head for the Devon Hotel roundabout on the edge of Mrash Barton, and drive towards the M5. The A379 takes you over the A30, and then past Peamore Farm, and just before the brow of the hill (Frank Tuckers / Texaco Garage), turn left (signposted 'Little Silver'). Follow the lane for 1/2 mile. You can also arrive via Exminster village.

Texaco garage, not Esso!!


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