Exminster - Stix and family - 4th August 2019

This week we ran from Days Pottles Lane, starting from a bridge over the A38 near Exminster, hared by the whole Stix family.

  • Run number 946
  • The best 16 hashers attended
  • Stix pose the question "How many bridges will we cross?"
  • We came across a flattened mole
  • Those on the shorts saw some llamas, and then went up a the very steep Coffinswell Lane
  • The longs enjoyed a long-long, with fish hooks!
  • Bridge number 1 across the M5
  • On the short, Stix managed to send X-bitz, Itzy-bitz, Son of the Bitz, and Woodpecker the wrong way
  • After a while we reached the sweetie stop where the shorts arrived before the longs, except for Tampa who overshot and went on the longs until he found the ha-ha - then came back to the sweeties stop once we were a;ready tucking in.
  • From the sweet stop we could see the cars on the bridge where we started
  • Another long-short split after we ran down the side of the A30
  • When the shorts reached the end of a path, they came across some blackberries which we
  • ate, everyone agreed they were lovely.  And a dead bird.
  • The longs had a nice scenic run along the A379 dual carriageway
  • With everone back together, we ran across bridge number 2, across the A30.
  • The we came to a field of corn that was full of stingers, and we ran between the rows.
  • We ran up a steep hill and the front runners met a fishhook and where sent all the way down the hill to Speedy who was at the bottom of the hill
  • We came across a flattened rabbit.
  • A short run back to the bridge (which we crossed - bridge number 3!!)
  • Fines went to Stix for sending X-bitz and Woodpecker the wrong way, and Spocky for fiddling with his bitz through the hole in his shorts. 
  • We voted on trail of the month for July had joint winners - Iford (spocky) and Bradninch (Child Catcher and Twin Peaks)
Words (mostly) written by Rocky and proofread by Speedy

Next week we are hashing from Woodbury Common - Four Firs, with food and beer back at Woodpecker's afterwards. Please bring some nice puddings. 

On On!


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