Chudleigh Knighton - Wide Receiver - 25 August 2019

Hello, todays run was from Cheriton bishop (Stix: thats Chudleigh Knighton!) laid by Wide and Tight (Stix: I don't think Tight had anything to do with it - other than making the cakes!), on Wide's birthday run, again it was run 949 because I made an error updating the spreadsheet, but next week I promise it will be 950!
  • Nice car park
  • Very warm weather
  • 6 long shorts
  • Lots of virgins
  • Coffin and Imelda turned up late
  • Tight introduced some virgins and when they called her Ellie, she replied that “She has never been called Tight before” (Quote of the week)
  • Speedy and stingray mislead the pack up a hill
  • We consistently checked wrong at the beginning
  • The hash all cooled off by walking through a river before reaching the sweetie stop, where wide splashed everyone, upsetting the easily offended
  • Got lost at a check again
  • A few more long shorts and we were back
  • Speedy put a mask with Spockys face on it and got a picture with wide. Speedy still with Spockys mask on declined some cake saying that he was vegan.Twin peaks dissed out some fines, they went to Coffin and Imelda for being late, Speedy for misleading the shorts, Stix, Twin peaks and Bull Bait got fined for missing the path, twin peaks and child catcher got fined for going for a wee in the hedges.
  • Stix: And it definitely wasn't a picnic - but Mad Max came with his chair and parasoll!

Announcement; So peeps next week the Stix family isn’t at da hash so it would be v nice please if someone else could volunteer to write the blog and take a photo, (this is so that I can see who was there and who needs to pay subs).

WWB - Speedy (STix: WWB = Words Written By)

Next week its the inflatable hash, at the Culm Valley Sports Centre (map). Don't forget your blow up doll (or sheep).


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