East Hill Strips - Howlin' Wilf and Riverdance - 18th August 2019

This week we hashed somewhere near Ottery, which for those of you who are less capable at geography, is in Devon, England, to our delight the trail was laid by Howling Wilf and Riverdance.

  • We watched a plane come over the car park
  • Only the elite few turned up, as well as the hashers
  • A man in a western power landrover drove top speed up the car park, and then to show off maxed it out in reverse.
  • An elderly man's arrived and did a big smelly poo in the middle of the track. Twin peak's told him to clear it up - which he did by flicking into the ditch.
  • Woodpecker turned up late
  • We were told in the circle, that it was one-and-on on the longs but was 3-and-on on the shorts. Very confusing for hashers
  • We were alarmed to find that there was some shooting in a nearby field, I did not know what they were shooting at
  • Quote of the week "I haven't got my leg over on a SUnday morning for a long time" (Twin Peaks).
  • There was a sweet stop where Speedy, Stix and Rocky arrived first. Rocky was trying to open his bag even though Stix told him not to, rocky ripped his bag open and jelly drops spilt all over the forest floor. Out of shock Stix ripped his bag too. Speedy quickly cleared up before the dogs saw what had been going on.
  • There was a long short split where the longs had a longer trail than the shorts.
  • We pelted back at top speed before reaching the OH and helping ourselves to Twin Peaks' cake. 
Fines went to Child Catcher and me for weeing on the hash (not together), Rocky for dropping the sweets, and probably a few more.
WARNING; todays trail was in a wet forest so please check for ticks, here is some information on limes disease https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-basics/lyme-disease/about-lyme 
This week’s run number was 949 ish which means that next week will be 950ish (providing we count in integers).
Words by Speedy 

Next week it Wide's Birthday Hash, from Chudleigh Knighton - the car park next to the play park on the B3344 heading out of the village, just ast the Claycutters ARms (map,TQ13 0FE)


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