Haldon Chalets - Wide Receiver - 20th October 2019

Words this week by Speedy and Rocky

Todays hash was from the layby near Haldon Chalets – just past the grill – laid by Wide Receiver.
  • Run 957
  • We had some virgins one of which who already had a hash name – “comes to early”, the other called just-Brett. They are both post rgaduate students at the University, and both from the California.
  • We tried to run up a very steep gorge - photos below
  • A very good sweet stop – with all sorts of new varieties including Dib Dabs, and jelly dinosaurs
  • Quote of the week was from X Bitz after she ate some sherbert, "I got something white stuck in the back of my throat, and had a funny burning sensation in my throat, my eyes where watering.”
  • After the sweet stop we ran down a very steep cycle path and up a steep cycle ramp
  • Longs had a Ha Ha
  • Nearly got run over by some bikes
  • We got lost at a check at the end

Fines went to
  • Yankee, Doodle and Dandi where late
  • Several people who fell over
  • Comes To Early was fined for short cutting
Next week its the Autumn Gathering - if you're planning on coming to Cheddar for Sunday morning, please contact Spocky ASAP


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