Hash AGM - Nominations for Mismanagement


  1. Could we not have it like last year please where people, including once-a-year attendees, randomly nominate everyone else to do jobs.

    First task surely is to ask current incumbents if they wish to continue and to ask if anyone wants to put THEMSELVES forward. For those that are already doing and willing to do a job they should be exempt from having to refuse extra tasks. Focus should be on getting more people to contribute not pilling more on those already doing stuff.

  2. Can’t we just ask those people already in post if they want to continue and just have those positions where they want to step down up for election? Then obviously, those continuing in-post cannot be nominated for the others. Personally I really didn’t appreciate it last year when I had already said I was happy to carry on doing the job I was doing but then had to sit there and be repeatedly nominated for ALL the other posts. It wasn’t nice.

  3. I recognize that things didn't work out perfectly last year in terms of voting. But we had a virtually completely new mismanagement! Anyway I will ask all those nominated whether they are prepared to stand before the week before the vote, including incumbents!

  4. All I can say it stop your moaning! If you don't like do any of the jobs then don't do any, if you still don't like then simply don't turn up ��


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