The White Hart - Stix Family - 22nd December 2019

Words by Speedy and Rocky!

This week’s trail was from The White Hart, Exeter, Laid by Stix and family
  • For some reason everyone turned up in fancy dress
  • Big fuss about parking
  • Rocky was wearing a speaker playing Christmas music through the city centre
  • 1-and-on trail
  • Long-short split, where the longs took a scenic route passing the roundabout and then looping back on to the short
  • We ran up on to the high street and had a picture by the throne
  • We ran through Northernhay gardens down the road and headed to the sweet stop, which was in an obscure car park, where Stix had parked his car full of mince pies, mulled wine and sweets.
  • Stix had brought his Gin as a punishment for anyone who did not come in fancy dress
  • He also pointed out that the trail had deliberately been run along the old roman wall
  • The longs went under the iron bridge and back around the other side
  • We went through a graveyard before coming out at the quay
  • We got back to the pub where we got changed and sat down for dinner.
  • After the first course we had a cheer off with the finalists of trail of the year, it came down to be between Spocky and Twin Peaks. Spocky got the biggest cheer but only because he was the only one shouting and he was right next to the cheerometer. However, he was disqualified because he was the only one who cheered.
  • Bull bait and co. won the trophy for most committed hashers (Hasher, Harriet and Junior)
  • Quote of the year went to x bits for saying “when the white stuff got to the back of my throat, my eyes started to water and I had a burning sensation in the back of my throught”
  • Fine of the year went to Bullbait and family for talking about there love life on trail
  • Bone of contention went to Groucho for not turning up to any trails (apart from this one!)
  • Happy Christmas all!

Next weeks trail is from The Hydro Hub, Seale Hayne, laid by Mr Spaniel (map)


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