Joneys Cross, Woodbury Common - Spocky - 5th January 2020

Words by Speedy and Rocky.
This week’s hash was from Joneys Cross on Woodbury Common laid by Spocky.

  • In the circle he told us that it was going to be a very muddy trail
  • 1 on on
  • Tampa was late
  • We were told that last week Bullbait and Wide receiver licked each other in the sauna, to test for moisture.
  • Stix fell over and did a commando roll in the mud, he said “it was like a pillow,” he then offered bollards a hug
  • We had fun going through the forest full of mud
  • At the sweet stop we saw Tampa in the distance and thought he had missed the sweet stop, his excuse was “, I needed to wash my hands,”
  • We ran through some more mud before reaching a Long Short split, where the longs did 2 loops around the surrounding fields
  • Back at the car park we enjoyed mince pies as well as refreshments
  • Fines went to Stix for falling over, Bollards for asking how many on on it was, Child catcher twin peaks and Itsy bits for going for a wee, and Tampa was late

Next week's trail is from the B3181 layby just after Beare, on the right hand side coming from Exeter, Its a joint trail with Taunton H3, laid by Sore Point and Paperwork


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