Kennford - Stix & Bollards - 8th March 2020

Words today by Rocky (and edited by Stix)
  • We started by going through a footpath, which took us to a slippy footbridge over a river. Tampa said that hashers don't use bridges - but he still used it.
  • Along the A380, and then to the first long-short split
  • The longs went in the completely wrong direction to the shorts; the longs went towards where we had started. A few checks and the longs found their way uphil across a field
  • When the longs had re-joined the shorts. There was a fish hook, where we swapped high-fives for elbow bumps because of the Coronovirus whatsit thingy
  • We came across a house which had an ostrich in the garden of. Sadly, we did not have the time to engage with it as it was starting to rain
  • Then we had a second long short which took us to the sweet stop at a graveyard. By that point it was tipping it down with rain. Woof Woof talked alot about sucking hard on bon bons.
  • We then headed of towards Kenn, then we got to the A38. I didn’t know where the long short split was, but I was on the longs. The longs went down a hill to reach Kenn where they had already been and the looped back - eventually arriving at the on home.
  • Howling Wilf got a fine for asking how many was on the fishhooks; and so did Twin Peaks and Speedy, for not checking
  • Then all in the pub for ridiculous quantities of pizza.
  • See you back at the Seven Stars ina few week's for Stix's burthday hash
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Next week we're in Chudleigh, starting from the main car park 


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