Sampford Peverell - Boots - 1st March 2020

This week’s run was from a The Globe, which had a car park that was bigger than we expected! Right up against the canal.  There was a short blast of heavy showers just before the trail started.  26 brave hashers turned up,

We started wth a short run down the canal where Twin Peaks was barging Stix and Doodle into the mud, before we diverted onto a bridge, across the canal, and along some busy roads

This was followed by a long hard steep run up various hills

Then we found ourselves running through a very muddy field where Boots (looking very much like Ant Middleton) shouted "don’t be the last one”

I nearly got castrated going over a fence

A sweetie stop, at which the longs arrived uch later than the shorts.

Stix took the photo, and was then remembered that Splat, Bull Bait and Howling Wilf were all missing. They arrived eventually (after the shorts had srated off again), and then a special photo for them was taken

We went down the hill and came to a street called “The Boobery” where all 'the ladies' got a their  picture taken - not quite revealing themselves - but overall being very embassrasing as the locals walked past

Lots of remarks about how we were going to pass "Dick's Drive" or "Penis Parade" or "Arse Avenue" next, but we actually came across the "Country park" - need I say more...  before we arrived back at the start.

The circle was held by the canal, where the ducks and swan's joined us, before a few of us went into the pub.

Next week is at the Seven Stars in Kennford - please let Stix know if you want a place booked for lunch (pizzas!)

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