Hash Registration

From 18th April, we are no longer asking you to register for every hash. 

We have two systems in place that have in recent weeks been used in parallel with the online form to record those participating.  These is the register - taken each week, and the 'hash flash'/photograph.  

We also believe that that general Governmental Guidance not to leave home if you have an C19 symptoms is now well understood and everyone is aware to self-assess their own situation.

The online registration has always been voluntary and has not provided a complete record - but we believe that the two methods above will provide a more accurate record.  

You will be asked to provide your contact details once for NHS Track and Trace - although if the details you provided have not changed since a previous registration, then there is no need to do that again. However if there are significant changes to the Risk Assessment, Delivery Plan or Hash Guidance documents, you may be asked to repeat this process.

Providing your contact details is not compulsory and I can remove any details from our files on request.

Now that Lateral Flow Tests are available to everyone without charge, please consider collecting kits from you local pharmacy or test centre, or order them online, and test you and your family twice a week https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-campaign-urges-public-to-get-tested-twice-a-week


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