Joney's Cross, Woodbury Common - Spockeeeeeez-a-good - 11th April 2021

Hello this week it's me speedy writing the words and I'm not actually writing this week I am dictating them using a microphone. So today's run was laid by Spacky at the Joni's cross car park on Woodbury common it was run number 993 which is one more than last week which is 992. Today we were treated by the arrival of Twin Peaks and Mad Max who are practically virgins now due to lockdown. We started in the circle where I asked how long the trail was to which spacky replied an longer than you did last week [he was obviously referencing the fact that I got lost last week] today's was a relatively busy hash with 29 different hashers turning up so the biggest numbers we've had in a while but then it is typically quite busy at this time of year. The trial started with a quick loop followed by a long short split.

After loopy start we eventually got two a very interesting bridge which some people struggled to cross because it's very narrow don't personally blame them specially Bollards because she was having a hangover so particularly hard for her to get across so she had to get down on hands and knees. The lungs then had to go back rounded abit of loopy thing and then they came and the bridge bit again the narrow bridge thing. Then we got to sweet stop where as always we had our individually packed sweeties voted issues course harbaugh's. we then did a quick flash in the forest before we continued our run whereas unfortunately there were some normal people coming past and they saw our flash.

Spooky then sent us on a “unofficial” [he basically forgot to mark it] longshot split well the longs enjoyed a kilometre long run up the road. We then continued on our run on our way back to the car park where we saw some pony horse things we then accidentally also missed a bit, but Spocky claimed “he cut us short to get us back within the hour”. When we when we were back at the circle mischief went and poked spacky in his big fat belly and said “spacky power” as she did it and then there was an argument about who should win trailed the year 2021. All in all it was definitely in my top three trails in 2021. I hope you're ready for next week where it's stixs birthday run from Kenton don't ask me where it is in Kenton because I don't know. PS I haven't proofread any of this cause I was doing it on dictate so if there are any spelling mistakes or errors please comment below thank you very much.

Next week we're at The Traingle, Kenton, for Stix's birthday hash.


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