Chudleigh - Wide - 13 May 2021

Hottest trail of the year? Perhaps! Hot enough for Rambo and Wide to start the trail topless, with Chardonnay and Bollards following suit no long into the r*n (maybe not Bollards!)
The trail started off up the hill out of the town, with a long short split making up the first mile. 
Then over the A38 and down towards the river Teign, with the sweetie stop on the river bank. I thought I saw a dead body down close to the water's edge, but it was Dark Lord lying on his front reaching for a bottle that Humpty had thrown in. 
We enjoyed all the 1980s themed confectionary, and decided to make a squidgy flavoured gin later this year!
As might have been expected, Wide and Spocky soon ended up in the water, using the rope swing conveniently located next to where we were stood. Tight checked and checked again that Wide had removed his phone and keys from his pockets. And then it was Spocky's turn. Xbitz did the same, also reminding him that they were going to Tesco's after the hash and he had no change of clothes. (In the end he went round Tesco's in commando, probably secretly enjoying the freedom!).
Then a run, with an almighty climb on the long, back towards home. With chilled beers and snacks in the car park, and time to cool off. 
Thanks to Wide for the trail. On on to next week's picnic and trail in Honiton (19 Whitmore Way,


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