Honiton - 3H&O and Pearl - 20th June 2021

A jaunt to Honiton for today's 1003rd trail on Father's Day. After yesterday afternoon's rain, the prospects for a picnic weren't looking good. But it stayed dry and suprisingly warm.

We started off in Tesco's with a Meal Deal lunch and a pop for a wee. Then we lugged the hash beer round the corner, passing a few marks on the way.  Dark Lord arrived and parked up opposite the house. "Can I leave it there?". "NO!" came then immediate reply. The neighbour's curtains were already twitching! A moment remembering Fathers present and passed, and a lot more moments waiting for Woodpecker to join us! Once he did, we were off, and the first of many loops for us longs.

The trail started off with a lot of road around the town, and the pace on the long was fast. We're going to get through those 5.5 miles pretty quick, I thought. However we were soon in parkland behind houses, along and through streams - "a proper hash", someone remarked! Tight was front running and we found her waiting for a young man to help her down a slippery bit. Spocky and I came to the rescue. Then another slippery bank upwards "try not to yank me off" I told her as I offered her my member (well, hand!).

We were told that there was sweetie stop, but we had to earn it. Son of the bitz said he'd done his homework, and that was ok for a sweet. But the rest of us had an almighty climb up Roundball Hill, and some shiggy bitz and slippery wood paths. But the views were worth it.

After the hash flash, 3H&O told us it was on up... Not what we wanted to hear. But there was no more up to go! The trail took us on to the lane and back towards the town. Lots of down hill now, with a fish hook that Wide pretended he didn't see! Another loop for the longs, another stream to cross, and some road to take us home.

After the trail we had picnics in the back garden, with some fantastic quiches and cake made by our hosts, not to mention the sparkling wine! Mad Max produced a large waterproof sheet for us to sit on, which saved a muddy, moist bum.  Not that Xbitz had to worry... !! And I never ate my meal deal!

Thanks to the hares for a great lunchtime out in Honiton.

On on to Blackborough Wood next week!