Four Firs, Woodbury Common - Woodpecker and Drift - 8 August 2021

We had virgins and visitors aplenty this week. We had Albous the puppy (who looks after Howlin Wilf), Long John and (sorry can't remember her name), Drift, and virgin "Hobbles with Huskies". With the Bitz's still away, it was me, Stix, who gathered the pack together. Although clearly I do not share the same authority as the Spockmeister, as there was very little respect as I spoke! Probably ask the displeasure of having to pay subs again! (more on that later).

The trail took us away from the car park, with a long short split early on, and the longs going up towards Yettington before heading back to join the shorts, getting lost in a wood (at least, me!) and across the quarry.

I forgot to take photo at the sweetie stop, but the shorts were yet to arrive by the time the longs had enjoyed their 'chocolate fingers', and we'd finished talking about when Marathons were renamed Snickers!

Then the trail took Bollards and I to places where we'd not been before... Excellent trail laying from Drift and Woodpecker to find such novelty on the Common.  Even Chardonnay noted that we were far off the beaten track, and I guess he knows about all the dodgy places! We ended up close to Pines Ridge and the B3180, before heading back towards home.

Once everyone had arrived back at the car park, Bollards thanked the hares, and it was pointed out that Twin Peaks had a wee on trail (so did Sorepoint), and we planned to return to proper and appropriate misdermeaner embarrassments in the circle next week!

Then back to Woodpecker's for the usual swim (mostly Tampa and Paperwork, although Sorepoint dangled her legs in!), and some great food as always - thanks to Mrs WP! 

Next week we're at Stoke Woods - Upper Car Park - map

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And we're now asking for subs again. £1 week, or £10 until the end of 2021. If you'd like to pay the £10, please use this link. Payments can bed made in person via contactless.

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