Stoke Woods - Blobby and Peaks - 15 Aug 2021

Today's trail was short but not easy!
We were honoured to have our President in attendance and Strapo returned after over 18 months (and it was his birthday!). 
Spocky returned with a bump after his summer holidays. He took an impressive slide down a bank after trying to manage the decent on two feet.  It didn't end well. Let's hope he's recovering, and making the most of XBitz's love and attention! ;-)
The trail took us around the outskirts of Stoke Woods initially, using narrow paths, and sometimes no paths at all! Lots of low branches to avoid (not a problem if your name is Twin Peaks!). 
We managed to short cut our way to the first regroup, but were soon sent back the way we should have gone. Obviously the hares have a fish-hook fetish as we were never more than 10 metres from one. And then there were HaHas and back checks to enjoy too!
We skirted along the edge of the paint balling centre and then, in a state of disorientation, emerged on to the main track for a sweetie stop. The shorts had taken a wrong turn so it took some while to catch up, by which time the pack had already decided to explore the next part of the trail and Bollards had found the next fishhook - so she returned to the pack for a delayed hash flash!
Another regroup, back checks and more fish hooks, plus some very steep slopes and banks to negotiate, including Spocky's 'bump and slide'. Splat took a much more sensible route, flying into Bull Bait and a pile of leaves at the bottom!
Soon we were on home, and with Spocky seemingly in pain, it was a quick circle and a song of happy birthday to Strapo, ending the hash 
On on to Blackborough Woods next week for Paperwork and Sorepoint's trail - the one that should have been a few weeks ago!!


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