Kingsteignton - Wide Receiver - 29 August

The last trail of the summer, and we finished with a garden tea party to celebrate Wide's 45th birthday. A good turn out too for a bank holiday weekend.

Speedy opened the circle for trail 1013 (prime number!) - a rare chance for us to see him on a Sunday since he's been working! Good to see Blue None and Zara joining CoEH3 for the first time. Karen (with pooch) also joined us as a relatively new hasher and Exeter virgin. Plus Hobbles-with-Huskies brought along Rachel. If that wasn't enough, Woodpecker brought back Klenchi, Nearly-Done and 'Sam' (and dog).

Anyway it was hot, and the first half of the trail took us around the houses of Kingsteignton was suprisingly hilly.  A long-short split without any marks on the long was an interesting 'feature' of the trail! Needless to say, we went one way, then the other, then gave up and rejoined the short. Put the longs to the back of the back though I suppose!

The regroup and sweetie stop were next to the toll House near the schools, where Speedy was suprised to see a toll for Bollocks! One of the dogs deciding to cool off in the water trough. The water wasnt quite as clear as it looked once all the dirt at the bottom was disturbed!! Vegan sweets and biscuits are enjoyed by all, and Wide treated us with a little pub quiz question... What is the jam in Jammy Dodgers? Answer is plum jam flavoured with raspberry... Except, when he took a closer look, these ones weren't... (Apple jam!) ... which kind of ruined the train of the conversation!

Then the second half of the trail took us around the quarry woods,  with cows and shiggy to negotiate. No river crossings though, which might have been nice given the heat! Lots of checking and some beautiful moss to see on the bark of a tree (as I went for a wee).
Back along Broadway Road, a long loop through the park, and we were soon back home.

Thanks to our guests for putting on such a great tea party afterwards with loads of food and cake (and tea and bunting!!). Have a great birthday tomorrow Wide!!

Next week's trail will be from the Double Locks, Exeter. Important - you cannot go the normal way as the lane by the incinerator and railway bridge is closed due to construction of the new station. Please see below. 

How to get to next week's trail!


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