Blackborough Woods - Sorepoint and Paperwork - 22 August 2021

Lots of narrow lanes to get to this week's trail, but much better if you go the other way. That's what I learnt anyway from today's expedition! Much easier via Honiton than via Cullompton.

We had a visitor from Taunton, Woody, who consistently referred to people she knew called Yvonne and Tony. No idea who they were.

The trail was beautiful, through the ancient woodlands and moss laden soil beneath our feet. And a good hilly 4.5 mile route, and most of us checking the wrong way. Spocky was taking it easy, so recovering from last week's little accident. So I found myself often leading the trail! The only down side were the longs, which normally looped us back to earlier on in the trail... And one was just a very steep long downhill with a haha! Supprisingly muddy too.

The hash circle was all about death... Well the smell of it anyway. Clearly something rotting in the bin bag hanging on the fence. Plus Spocky told us all about the Autumn Gathering... Details to follow this week. Plus a return to down downs next week ... So be on your best behaviour!

Next week is Wide and Spocky's birthday, but as normal, Spocky won't be there. But we're hashing from Wide and Tights house in Kingsteignton


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