Pynes Hill, Exeter - Stix and Speedy - 26th Sept 2021

Today's trail was laid by Speedy and I, and we'd put the marks down yesterday. Exeter Chiefs we're playing, so we thought we'd cycle to Sandy Park and lay the second half of the trail up to Pynes Hill, and then the first part back to Sandy Park. Turns out that Sandy Park was almost exactly half way round, so the sweety stop was optimally positioned there! Speedy wasn't very pleased with me marking a big SS on the ground and hiding a bag of sweets in the hedge just as the fans were gathering. But it was all still there for the trail!

So despite parking on the edge of Ludwell Valley Park, we didn't use much of it. Blobby was happy as this means he can use the area for his next hash! The trail was basically a loop around Tesco's and IKEA, and certainly took in some paths we haven't used for a long time.

Then a few of us went back to the Royal Oak in Exminster for a beer and food afterwards, and to see and thank Speedy for the trail.

Next week we're at the Bitz's, Southbrook Lane near Cranbrook