Chez Bitz - Spockybitz - 3 Oct 2021

There were "issues" with today's trail, so our hare admitted at the opening circle. But being a Spocky trail, it was always going to be the best of the year.

Son of the Bitz did a little opening speech to welcome us to his house, and had also put some "This Way" signs to direct us in. Not that it helped Hot Lips who zoomed past the entrance.
A 6.5 mile trail for the longs that took us around the newest bits of the Cranbrook building site, before heading across London Road into the field for a long short split (that Bloody Mary and Bollards did twice by accident) and the sweety stop. This was only about of a third of the way round the trail, as it continued into Rockbeare, around some woodland and another long loop, and then all the way to Rockbeare Manor.
As the rain began to fall we started to head back towards home, along a lane that took us all the way back to London Road, of course with a fishhook towards the end for those that were beginning to stretch ahead and looking forward to some shelter! Then along the Straight and back along Southbrook Lane to get home.
A great trail with lots of virgin hash territory from our GM. 

We don't have a hare for next week, so there is currently no trail. Please message Tight if you can help with any dates... We are really struggling to find hares at the moment. Her address is