#1021 Stowford Cross - Drop Off - 24th October 2021

A pretty miserable morning for doing anything outside the house, but we had an intrepid group of hashers arrive at Stowford Cross. There was me (Stix), Bollards and Speedy, our hare (Drop Off), Mad Max, Woodpecker, Rambo, Happy Snapper, Dark Lord and Humpty, and Fruity Bitz making an appearance!

Unfortunately Bloody Mary was unable to lay the trail with Drop Off, so a big thanks to him for taking on the job. Unfortunately I can't say too much about the trail because we got lost on the long, about 1.5 miles in! Up to that point it had been in and out of the woods and a good few slippery slopes to negotiate as the rain continued. Lots of checking and I got it wrong most of the time. 

But it was when we got close to Uphams, we (Bollards, Speedy, Happy Snapper and I) got very confused with last week's marks! It was all Boots' fault! We saw a mark into the woods, but couldn't find anything after. Apparently the trail went up the track towards the Model Aircraft car park, before looping back to the rest of the shorts. We decided to head back the way we came in the hope of finding the shorts, but by the time we found the long-short split again, it was 12.00. So we headed for home, missing the sweetie stop (and the hash flash given Happy Snapper was with us) and arriving home about 15 minutes before the main part of the pack. Rambo turned up another 20 after that!!

Thanks again to Drop Off for what I imagine was an excellent trail!

Next week we're at the The Imperial, New N Rd, Exeter EX4 4AH, UK (map). 

Advance notice: the following week it's the AGPU (AGM) at the Royal Oak in Exminster.

Hope to see you at the On Inn afterwards,!!
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