#1020 Uphams Plantation - Boots - 17th October 2021

This week's trail started off with a sealed envelope because our hare had not returned. Puss passed the envelope to Spocky to reveal two pens and two pieces of paper, and a puzzle to solve. Spocky took one team, Tampa the other, and while we got the message, (it wa a live trail, one and on, fishhooks were 10 - not that we found any!) both teams managed to take far too long and made a right mess of it. Boots later told us that he had tried it on the scouts, And it only took them 5 minutes. Not sure what they  made of the message about long shorts etc though!

So we set off rather late, with a long-short, and a muddy one too with a steep hill for fun as well. A pretty hilly trail up through the woods, and a nice long long that sent us to Stowford Cross (next week's venue) and back. 

Then it was not long to the sweetie stop, where Mad Max was sitting down, but the shorts were missing and the sweets were suspended in a bag above the pond. But Speedy saved the day after some bullying from me.  Boots and Spocky went back to find the walkers, while Tampa, Max, me and Speedy enjoyed the sweets, but we didn't touch the carrot! (Boots didn't have any vegetarian sweets). Then we decided to put them back, which Speedy did. Then Tampa decided he wanted some more, so Speedy got them again and we filled the bag with stones, as a special suprise for the shorts. But Spocky returned with Boots' bag and phone, and told us that the shorts had gone to the wrong place and weren't coming! We told him that he had to get the sweets because each of us had a reason why we couldn't... E.g. speedy had an ingrowing toenail. He refused. So Speedy had to go back in yet again to get the bag of stones!! Meanwhile Spocky was starting to leave a few messages on Boots' phone - see here

Anyway after all that palava, we continued with the trail, where Speedy managed to send us all the wrong way, and then he and Tampa decided not to follow the trail. Spocky eventually found the right route (still recording messages) and fortunately we all found each other again just around the corner. 

Soon we were on home, with a down down to Speedy for all his failings and stupidity!!

Thanks to Boots for an enjoyable 5 mile jaunt. Next week we're at Stowford Cross

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