Haldon Belvedere - Wide Receiver - 10 October 2021

We weren't expecting a large pack this week, and were grateful for the arrival of Tampa, Coffin and family, which almost doubled the numbers! Late as usual! 
Being first there, we were able to enjoy the usual car park shenanagins, made even more exciting by a particularly steep drop causing some grating of undercarriages! 
Bollards and Rambo disappeared into the bushes, separately I must add, to water the plants. Meanwhile Hayden the dog made a fuss because he wanted to keep an eye on everyone.
Our hare promised a short trail, with little long-short splits, so small that you'd need a magnifying glass. It was also suitable for bikes - Tampa had brought two (for the grandchildren). 
We headed off, and there were soon calls of "Briony, Briony"... Pearl deserves punishment for that.
There were certainly at least two tiny long-short splits, where the pack was separated for just a few seconds! With a loop at the start for the longs before heading to the furthest point from the car park in the field around the castle, before returning for a sweetie stop and the viewpoint. 
Then across the road alongside the woods, before looping up and around the bank of trees, featuring an near-vertical climb. 
On home, within an hour, and making up for last week's marathon!!
Thanks to Wide for setting a trail when no one else could! 
On on to (They don't like it) Uphams plantation on Woodbury Common next week, hared by Boots.