Bishopsteignton - Wide - 12th December 2021

It was 14 degrees as we gathered at the Lawns recreation ground in Bishopsteignton for trail number 1029. It was good to see Twisted Tart and Ménage, who both live in the village. No Bitz family though... They were running late. So Wide, as hare, gathered us together. He promised 5 miles for the longs and 3 for the shorts, with 7 (!) long shorts, and a hint that there may be hills involved. 

The trail started with a little long-short, but soon we started an almighty climb through the woods. Then along a lane, another long short around a field, and then we followed backwards some of the trail we did with Coatcheck a few weeks earlier.  Then the sweetie stop, where the Bitz's appeared, apparently they couldn't find the car park! We took the hash flash with Bollards showing off her better side.

Then down and down the field, with a fishhook at the bottom, and a lot of mathematical discussion "what is the square root of i" and "what is π". Speedy seemed to think that the louder he gave an answer, the more correct it will be...

A few hilly and quite complicated long-short loops round the village, before returning home for Tight's birthday cake on the picnic tables. We sang her happy birthday in the hash style, and I seemed to get lots of stick for, I'm not sure what!! The candles wouldn't light, but Spocky saved the day by turning the lighter on!! And then offered a blow job, or something similarly smutty, to Tight.

Brillo was supposed to make it, but only got as far as the Spoons in Newton Abbot!!

Next week is the Christmas Hash in Exminster, meeting at the Royal Oak. Come suitably festively dressed for the trail!! Please can everyone attending the meal take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the meal (and only turn up if its negative!!). 

Finally, there will be some awards, including trail of the year. Please vote ASAP using this link - you'll need to select one per month