Christmas Hash - Royal Oak Exminster - Bollards - 19 December 2021

Most people arrived in time, with some form Christmas fancy dress, but Twisted Tart outdid us all!  But no Dark Lord (and Humpty) and no Oddbitz, both running (very) late! Bollards had set a trail around the village, with enough "long short walk" splits to keep everyone happy. I was happy taking whichever group got to the beer stop first!

 The trail went down on to Crockwells Meadow, then a loop around the houses before going up post the church on to the main road. Then another loop around the houses, and quite a long one at that if you were doing the long. Meanwhile I opted to get in front and walk along the main road to meet the front runners. But soon I heard heavy footsteps behind me. It was Zoot!  I shouted "I don't think it's this way... I haven't been looking but I've not seen any marks". I didn't feel that bad sending her back! Then I texted Oddbitz and Dark Lord to see where they were.

Zoot was back leading the front runners when I next saw her at the bottom of Devington Drive, and guided everyone to the beer stop, although Sorepoint seemed to know exactly where she was going!

Beers, mince pies, ginger bread men, mulled wine, sweets, smoke machine (Wide didn't appreciate that!), Festive tubes and Pina colada at Exminster's premier bar "The Glory Hole".  Before we returned to Exminster's second best bar, the Royal Oak for Christine lunch and awards.

At this point Dark Lord appeared, probably after a heavy night last night. And then Oddbitz appeared at the bar, claiming he'd done the whole trail!!

Bollards and Hotlips got down downs for birthdays, and Twisted Tart did a good job of exciting her table by going down (underneath). Well done to all the awards winners too, Tight for Hash Hospitality, Spocky and me for Most Laid, Bollards for Trail of the Year, Tampa for Old Git of the year, and Spocky gave me the GM's Special Prize (and it's feels great to be appreciated!!). There were some extra wooden spoons (actually bags of flour) for those who'll need it in 2022 to lay trails!!

Thanks to Spocky as our GM for leading us through 2021, including looking after the 1000th trail and the Autumn Gathering of course, all under the shadow and added complexities of COVID.  

There's  one more trail this year, from Joneys Cross, Woodbury Common on Boxing Day, laid by Tampa.