Sunday, August 6

#1116 Kingskerswell - Hotlips & Zoot - 6 Aug 2023

Two truths and a lie... we were promised a wet trail, a hilly trail, and a trail with beautiful surroundings. We found all three if the pub stop at the Park Inn counts as the first.
As we ran through the centre of Kingskerswell, Wide got a long way ahead of Bollards, Paperwork and me. It's this sign that threw us as surely he wouldn't have gone this way? 

All that dilly dallying put him further ahead (not that it's a competition) and it was getting hillier and warmer. The lanes were narrow and the landscape and cottages were beautiful
But Bollards was knackered and Paperwork slightly injured, so by the time we got to to long short, where we knew is must be at least 2 extra miles, we decided to take the easier option. We'd never catch Wide up anyway. So we admired the views, and headed down past the quarry.
Thanks to the hares for taking us last The Park Inn where the three of us enjoyed a lovely pint in the sun. When we came out, we finally saw the other members of the pack, and Wide was already home!
No sweetie stop, so forgot the hash flash, but was good to see Pearl, Sorepoint, Peacock, Max, Tight as well, with Spocky, Xbitz, Itsy and Son turning up for the BBQ (thankyou!!)  once we'd made ourselves comfortable in the back garden of our hares.

Next week we're hashing from Exeter Quay and will grab a drink and some food afterwards for those who can stick around. I'm the hare.

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