Sunday, August 13

#1117 Exeter Quay - Stix - 13 Aug 2023

Perhaps giving myself 90 mins to lay a trail that ended up taking 2 hours, wasn't enough... Although the trail included a beer stop and sweetie stop!  
A pack of 14 was quite a suprise compared to what we'd expected.  But no r@nners this week, with injuries and colds everywhere... Although Bollards decided to run despite a bad foot and Wide managed to take his bike round... despite the off road and the steps!
Most of pack avoided crossing the stream near the beginning, with the trail then taking us up along the city wall towards the city centre. A sweetie stop in Rougemont Gardens, with Tequila shots to celebrate International Tequila Day (which I made up). Then back toward home via the City Gate and a pint, but Meatuwhore leaving before the hash flash.

At the end of the trail, Bucks Fizz and Son of the Bitz took over proceedings, and gave me a down down for making the trail up as we went along, and for misleading them... Beer, squash and salt&vinegar crisps!! 
Some of the pack then headed back to the Quay to Topsham Tap Room for drinks and pizza. And then Wide, Peacock and I headed downstream to the Double Locks for another... With Peacock on the luggage rack on the back of my bike... Thankfully got their safely!
On on to Pearl's trail next week at Uphams Plantation. Don't forget to rate the hash!